Student absences

If your child is absent or going to be absent, please notify the school by emailing or by phoning (02) 6142 1750. Emailing or Seesaw messaging teachers directly is not advised (as the only source of contact with the school) as we cannot guarantee that the message will be received in a timely manner. Feel free to contact teachers in addition to phoning the school or writing to the absences email address. Please see the absences procedures below:

  • 9:00am-9:10am All teachers mark their roll on the School Administering System (SAS)
  • Any students who arrive after 9:10am need to be signed in at the front office. The student/s will receive a late slip which they will give to their class teacher upon entering their classroom.
  • Please note: It is very important to remind your children to come to the front office if they arrive to school after 9:10am.
  • After 9:30am the front office staff commence the student absence process.
  • Once known absences have been amended on rolls, front office staff will send one automated SMS alert message to the person listed as Contact 1 on our student contact list. Please contact the front office if you would like to change the person listed as contact 1 to ensure you have the best contact number listed to receive and respond to our SMS alerts.
  • If you receive an SMS message and your child is absent, it is greatly appreciated if you either reply via SMS, email or phone the school on (02) 6142 confirm your child’s absence. This will then be marked as an explained absence on SAS. Any absence that is not explained will remain as an unexplained absence on SAS.
  • If you receive an SMS message and your child is meant to be present, please contact the school immediately. We will follow up and confirm they are in class. This can happen for a number of reasons including; the student not entering class immediately; the student being late and not collecting a pink slip from the office; casual teachers on class marking the roll too early; students being in the toilet when the roll is marked; and any number of other reasons.
  • The front office staff will call parents/carers immediately if the student cannot be located at school.