PE@K Programs: are opportunities for students to participate in a wide range of enrichment experiences.
These programs are offered throughout the year and are an ongoing commitment where students attend the
program each week. These programs are an extension to the teaching program and enhance the learning
opportunities for students. These vary throughout the year and include class and cohort extension groups as
well as Green Team, Junior and Senior Choir, Japanese Choir, Recorder (Years 3 and 4), Dance Nation,
Rock band, IMP Band (Years 5 and 6), RoboCup and Parliament of Youth.

PE@K Projects: are conducted throughout the school for students to engage in a passion or enrichment project.
These are individualised projects and provide opportunities for students to work individually or collaboratively on
a wide range of topics. The PE@K projects vary for each cohort based on student need.

PE@K Clubs: The PE@K clubs currently include Coding (Mondays), Arts (Tuesdays), Writing and Tinker 1
(Wednesdays), Tinker 2 (Thursdays), and STEM (Fridays). These are teacher led, structured activities that will operate
in the library during lunchtime. All students are welcome, and will meet on the basketball court after lunch eating time if
they would like to attend. A timetable is on display in the library to remind students about the PE@K clubs