The overarching aims of the Kaleen Primary School Resource Centre are to: Build critical and creative thinkers,
enrich learning with ICT and ensure our children are 21st century literate.

Our goal for junior school students (Kindergarten to year 2)  is to develop a love of books and reading. We encourage
children to borrow and return books, respect and care for resources and become active and enthusiastic library users.
We also begin to explore the Dewey decimal system and learn how books are catalogued and where/ how to find them
on the shelves.

The goals for senior school students (year 3-year 6) are to better develop knowledge of the Dewey decimal system;
understand and begin to use the Information Literacy Process; refine research skills and begin to produce research

All borrowers need to use a library bag every time they borrow. We have spare plastic bags and welcome the donation
of more plastic bags. Please bring them to the Resource Centre or drop them in at the front office.

Scholastic Book Club- Scholastic Book Club is offered in Term 1, 2 and 4. Catalougues go home for students to browse.
Orders can be made in the form of cash, cheque or online LOOP orders. All money spent at the Book Club gives rewards
money for the school to spend on new resources throughout the year.

Book Fair- Our annual Book Fair is held in term 3. For a week, a mini book store is set up in the library and open before
school, lunchtime and after school for families to purchase new books. All money spent at the Book Fair gives rewards
money for the school to spend on new resources throughout the year.

Book Week- Book Week is during term 3 and usually falls on week 5 sometime in August. During this week a variety
of book related activites are available for students to participate in. Book Character dress up and parade typically falls
on the Friday of Book Week. Students are encouraged to dress up as their favourite book character and join in on a
parade to show off our amazing costumes.

Help wanted- As we are always getting in new resources that require covering and shelving we appreciate any volunteer
helpers. If you have any spare time come on in!

New to the Library- E-books accessed through our OLIVER library system. Click HERE for the step by step directions
on how to access electronic books.