At Kaleen Primary School we provide an opportunity for students to join the Year 5 Woodwind ensemble. Due to the
restricted number of spaces available in the Band a selection process has been instituted and refined for more than
25 years of the IMP's history, however we encourage all students to apply.  It isimportant that this be seen as an
homogenous process across all of the schools associated with the Instrumental Music Program and that parents are
satisfied that justice is done in all cases.  At the completion of testing, 25 students are invited to join the two-year band
program. The steps for selection process are as follows:

Step 1

During Term 4, a letter from the IMP is made available to all schools for distribution to Year 4 students that explains to
parents the IMP and the process required for the selection of students involved.  Also during Term 4 a form headed
"Assessment for Year 5 Band Class" is provided by the IMP to the classroom teachers of Year 4 who are requested to
consider the following criteria as they relate to each child:

Step 2

At the beginning of Year 5 an IMP teacher administers and supervises a music perception survey for all students
in Year 5. This is only one of the equally important criteria used for selection of students for band.  This survey
will be scored by the IMP teacher and, in conjunction with the assessment form previously completed by Year 4
classroom teachers, will be used by the IMP teacher to compile a ranked list of student names for consideration
by the school-based band teacher and classroom teachers.

Step 3

From the ranked list provided by the IMP teacher, each school will create a list of 25 students to whom offers of
Band membership may be made. These offers will be made at the beginning of Term 1 (Year 5)

The school will send letters to the parents of students extending the offer of a position in band. Included in the
school's letter will be details of how the child's regular schedule may be affected by withdrawal for band.  
The letter will include a return slip that indicates that the parents and student understand the two-year commitment
that is involved and that they either accept or decline the offer.  Where a student declines, a further offer will be sent
to the next student on the list until such times as the school has up to 25 acceptances.  After all acceptances have
been received, the IMP teacher assigned to the school will meet with the students and allocate instruments to them.

There is an annual fee, which covers the use of an instrument, two lessons per week under the expert tuition of the
IMP band teacher, practices each week with the teacher coordinating the band's activities, all music and all excursions.
The Year 5 Band consists of twelve clarinets, eight flutes, an oboe, and four percussionists.  When these children move
into the Year 6 Band, three clarinet players are invited to play the tenor saxophone, the alto saxophone and the bass
clarinet. Each flautist is given the opportunity to play the piccolo.

These bands perform regularly at school assemblies and special school occasions such as School Concerts and special
days.  Each year the Year 6 Band perform at Bandstravaganza. The bands also participate in regular Year 5 and Year 6
combined band sessions to get the experience of playing in a "big band" ensemble.

The IMP teacher invites some members of the Year 6 Band to audition for the Primary School Concert Band, comprised
of players from all the ACT primary bands. This select band rehearses each week.

This year the Year 5 band is conducted by Mr Tim Allen and Year 6 band is conducted by Mr Sam Bryant.

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Year 5 Band