Boost Tutors

In Term 2 we launched our 2022 “Boost” peer tutoring program.  Our Year 6 students are currently running targeted
activities with our Year 1 students three mornings a week.  This is a fabulous leadership opportunity for our senior
students.  The Year 6 Boost tutors undertook a training session so that they could deliver a structured program using
reading strategies and games to engage and support our junior students.  The feedback from our tutors, buddies and
teachers has been incredible.  It is an absolute delight to walk through our Year 1 area in the morning and hear the
conversations about books, vocabulary and letters and sounds occurring between the students.  The best feedback
from our Year 6 Boost Tutors has been how much they love seeing their buddies each morning and how much fun
their buddies are having.  We definitely have some future teachers among them!

Yueijia - "I am really enjoying listening to my buddy’s ideas about the books they read."

Masaki - "I like the fact that it is one on one teaching and the buddies can pay attention and get more educated."

Lillian - "It is fun to see the Year 1 buddies progress.  At first my buddy didn’t really know me, but now she is excited
to see me and do the activities."

Pinipa - "I really enjoy doing Boost Tutors and learning along with my buddy.  I love seeing them get better at reading
and having fun."

Ollie - "The thing I love about Boost Tutors is the enjoyment my buddy has every time I see them and the excitement
they have to choose a new book."

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