Our School

Kaleen Primary School was built in 1976, and officially named Kaleen Primary School in 1977.  Kaleen is an Aboriginal word meaning "water".  The school logo was redesigned in 2003 by Cheryl Taylor, a parent from our school community, to reflect the water theme and to incorporate the goals and beliefs of our school.

The waterlily became the visual symbol to bring these ideas together.  The enfolding petals of the waterlily symbolise the nurturing role of the school, whilst the central petal, reaching higher, represents Kaleen's commitment to the ongoing quest for excellence.  The single petals comprising the water lily represent the individual strengths of the Kaleen Primary School coming together as one in academic, artistic and sporting endeavours.  The ripple - Exploring Our World - represents Kaleen's commitment to providing all students with long-lasting and meaningful educational experiences to prepare them for our exciting and dynamic world.

The waterlily symbol for Kaleen now also displays our Kaleen Primary School values, which all staff, students, parents and school community members share in all aspects of our school life.