Term 3 2019

ICAS Note pdfsmall (241.7 KB)

Holly Bidwell story teller note pdfsmall (222.8 KB)

Jack Heath Author Visit pdfsmall (271.4 KB)

Year 1 Mulligans Flat Excursion Note pdfsmall (225.7 KB)

Book Fair and Book Week Note pdfsmall (301.4 KB)

Preschool Parents Maths Vocabulary pdfsmall (390.2 KB)

Kindergarten Parents Maths Vocabulary pdfsmall (394.9 KB)

Year 1 Parents Maths Vocabulary pdfsmall (392.8 KB)

Year 2 Parents Maths Vocabulary pdfsmall (391.5 KB)

Year 3 Parents Maths Vocabulary pdfsmall (390.2 KB)

Year 4 Parents Maths Vocabulary pdfsmall (386.4 KB)

Year 5 Parents Maths Vocabulary pdfsmall (388.4 KB)

Year 6 Parents Maths Vocabulary pdfsmall (388.0 KB)

Japanese Choir to Floriade Note pdfsmall (188.7 KB)

Media Permission Note pdfsmall (73.5 KB)

Singfest Note pdfsmall (225.2 KB)

Mini Market Day Note pdfsmall (262.3 KB)

Term 2 2019

Billionaire Boy Permission Note pdfsmall (246.3 KB)

CMAG Excursion Blue Group pdfsmall (229.6 KB)

CMAG Excursion Purple and Red Groups pdfsmall (227.7 KB)

National Museum of Australia Excursion pdfsmall (245.0 KB)

Years 5 & 6 Wellbeing Excursion pdfsmall (270.7 KB)

Year 6 Baked Goods Stall pdfsmall (291.2 KB)

Year 4 Lift Off! pdfsmall (208.3 KB)

ICAS Note pdfsmall (241.1 KB)

World Environment Day pdfsmall (258.0 KB)

School Disco Note pdfsmall (308.0 KB)

Term 1 2019

2019 Swimming Carnival Note pdfsmall (766.1 KB)

Medical Information for Excursions pdfsmall (331.7 KB)

Medical Information and Consent Form pdfsmall (141.6 KB)

Known Medical Condition Response Plan pdfsmall (148.9 KB)

Medication Authorization Administration Record pdfsmall (219.8 KB)

Year 3 Excursion Note pdfsmall (230.9 KB)

Clean up Australia Day pdfsmall (54.1 KB)

P&C AGM Note pdfsmall (148.0 KB)

Photography Competition Note pdfsmall (278.7 KB)

Harmony Day Note pdfsmall (242.0 KB)

Year 6 Excursion to The War Memorial Note pdfsmall (281.4 KB)

Reminder: Sculpyure Garden Competition pdfsmall (508.5 KB)

Year 6 UCHSK Excursion pdfsmall (189.2 KB)

Sculpture Garden note pdfsmall (677.2 KB)

Voluntary Contributions pdfsmall (276.2 KB)

2019 Chief Minister Reading Challenge Reading Record pdfsmall (148.4 KB)

General Notes

Authority to use photosword (100.5 KB)

Parent Email Requestword (79.4 KB)

SMS Permisson noteword (87.0 KB)

Medical information and consent formword (104.5 KB)

Parent student information form 2016word (77.4 KB)

Payment Formword (22.9 KB)

Request for refund formword (107.5 KB)