KIPS-Kaleen Integrated Support

Kips Junior

KIPS Junior

Kips senior

SENIOR KIPS – Kaleen Integrated Play Support

What: Senior KIPS is a pro-social, supervised, structured, multi-age play time session run by a number of different teachers during lunch times each day of the week.  A variety of high participation, multi-dimensional, cooperative games are introduced by the teacher, who is usually an ACTIVE participant in the game. The teacher assumes a significant role in modelling, and drawing on students modelling, positive social & cooperative skills.

Who: KIPS is design to:

How: KIPS sessions begin with a welcome to and introduction of participants. Expectations and game requirements are explicitly and clearly articulated to participants. The game or activity commences – at times being interrupted to identify positive examples of play or interaction. The session concludes with a 'debrief' session is where positive skills and behaviors are celebrated.