Green Team


  • To provide further opportunities for student leadership across the school
  • To enhance the environmentally friendly processes and procedures Kaleen Primary School already has in place
  • To support student understanding of environmental issues affecting their lives at school, home and across the world.

Green Team Meetings and Activities:

  • Two students serve as elected representatives for a period of a term for each class from Years 1-6. (Kindergarten students join in Semester Two and Year 6 students remain as representatives for a year in duration.)
  • During this time they attend weekly meetings and help coordinate whole school environmental events and activities including observation of a school wide 'Earth Hour' and participation in 'Clean Up Australia Day'. They can also contribute to the ACT's Floriade Festival  school student activities and student awareness of environmental issues such as waste and recycling/reusing practices.

Green team 2015 Activities so far:

Clean up Australia Day: On Friday 27th February students from the Preschool through to Year 6 took turns to clean up areas of the Kaleen Primary School playground which was an official 'Clean Up Australia Day' site.  The students enjoyed working with each other to promote a tidier environment and found some of the items they discovered quite intriguing.

Earth Hour: On Friday 27 th March the school ( a registered Earth Hour participant) marked 'Earth Hour' by turning off many non essential lights and other power sources to show solidarity with this global cause. The students learned about the history of Earth Hour and how they can help save power

Upcoming Projects:

Floraide Gnomes ProjectWe look forward to shortly painting a collection of Floriade gnomes in support of the Canberra East Rotary Club many worthwhile projects.  These gnomes will be on public display from Sunday 13th September to Sunday 11th October at this year's Floriade. Students will work cooperatively on this project to produce a set of gnomes with the school's and other environmental logos in mind.

Maintaining a School Worm Farm: Students within the Green Team will work cooperatively to help maintain a Worm Farm within the school. They will add food scraps provided by the School Canteen to the Worm Farm to help sustain the worms. The Green Team representatives will also decant liquid produced by the Worm Farm into bottles through use of a tap.