Green Team


  • To provide further opportunities for student leadership across the school
  • To enhance the environmentally friendly processes and procedures Kaleen Primary School already has in place
  • To support student understanding of environmental issues affecting their lives at school, home and across the world.

Recently Students participated in the World Environment Day Poster Competition. Click HERE to view the winners.

Our Invictus Inspired Gnomes take up position at Floriade

Last Saturday the gnomes our Green Team representatives have been working on dutifully for all of Term 3 were set up at this year’s Floriade Festival.

This year, being the fourth Kaleen Primary School has taken part in this project, the students applied the theme of the upcoming Invictus Games. Students from Kindergarten to Year 6 worked once and often twice a week to decorate the gnomes based on the 18 countries taking part in this year’s Invictus games. Senior students worked closely with a junior school partner to bring each gnome to a colourful life and the teachers involved, Mrs Lowther, Mrs Reeves and Mrs Chiles couldn’t be happier with what they together and through their hard work and efforts, achieved!

Purchasing the gnomes helps Rotary Canberra East fund community projects throughout the ACT including providing swags for the homeless.

We hope Kaleen families are able to visit the gnomes at some point during the Floriade festival. (The gnomes will be on display until the morning of Sunday 14 October.)

Well done to all student representatives involved!

Wednesday 24 October is ‘Nude Food Day’. It is a day held by schools and organisations around Australia to promote ‘waste free’ lunches as far as possible. On this day we invite Kaleen families to use reusable containers in place of plastic wrapping and foil. We would also like to see reusable drink bottles brought in as well. We look forward to this day being a great day of learning about waste free practices to help our precious environment.

Thanks in advance for participating.