Parents & Citizens

Kaleen Primary School Parents and Citizens Committee

The Kaleen Primary P&C provides a forum for discussion of all aspects of school life, in particular, the educational and social needs of the students and their families. It is a great way for parents and interested citizens to find out more about what is happening around the school outside of day-to-day classroom activities and have a say on the school’s priorities. The P&C is also involved in running activities throughout the year such as school discos, fete and other events. The money from P&C events and fundraising activities supports students learning resources and environment. P&C events and activities will be advertised in the school newsletter and this page.


P&C Meetings are held during weeks' 2 and 7 of every term. Meetings are held in the Library with entry via the Staff room to the right of the main school entry. General meetings are open to any interested parents and members of the community.

The Annual General Meeting is held early in Term 1 of each year.

P&C Committee 2020

Catherine McGufficke  - President

Maree Smyth - Vice President

Rob McGregor - Secretary

Liz McGregor - Treasurer

Simon Bartlett - Assistant Treasurer

Mark Poretti- Public Officer

Committee Members:

Aler Locus, Liz Marzano, Ben Peters-Jones, Jen Rose, Bruce Whitby (School Board member).

Contact Us

If you would like to raise any issues or propose any ideas to the P&C please email or have a chat with one of the executive committee. You can also request to be included on the P&C email list to receive meeting reminders, minutes and agendas.